Tool for debugging Java Stack Traces – Untangle Threads

FastThreadAnalyzer is the tool which helps to debug you java stack traces.

It provides various insights about the stacks , club the similar stack together and provide you direction or in some cases the exact issue.

Some of the screenshots of the tools:

Threads of same thread pool grouped via thread state:

provides a clear view and you can deduce very easily that whether all threads of a particular pool should be busy or not

Now you see these threads group via similar stacks , which provides great insights on what type of flow are stuck:

Overall Thread State Wise Grouping:

Thread Dependencies:

very easily you can see because of which thread ids these threads are blocked.

There are various other type of grouping of stacks as well like based on length of stacks , deadlocks and so on.

If your org works on java that this should be the default tool to debug the application issues.


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